Stress and InfertilityTechnology is constantly changing the face of fertility treatment. According to a new study published in the journal Human Reproduction, home ovulation tests don't change the stress level infertile women feel, but they may increase the likelihood of conception.

They study, which took place in the United Kingdom, included 210 women - 115 in the test group and 95 in the control group. Women were given a questionnaire aimed at measuring overall stress level during natural conception attempt. Women who used home ovulation test kits reported the same stress level as women in the control group, but they conceived more often.

Researchers noted 50 women were lost during the study to early pregnancy and overall dropouts. A second cohort was established, but details of the second cohort were not revealed in the report.

The study clearly showed similar stress levels between the test and control groups, but rate of pregnancy was higher in the test group. Researchers believe a test focused on women facing infertility could complement this study.

Source: Tiplady S, Jones G, Campbell M, Johnson S, Ledger W. Home ovulation tests and stress in women trying to conceive: a randomized controlled trial. Hum. Reprod. 2012 Oct 18.