The Clomiphene Citrate Challenge Test, or CCCT, is a fertility test to check your ovarian reserve, to see if your eggs are still good enough for fertiliization and implantation.

The Clomiphene citrate challenge test CCCT is done as follows:

Cycle Day 3: Check the FSH and E2 levels

Cycle Day 5-9: Give clomiphene citrate 100 mg (2 tablets)

Cycle Day 10: Check FSH and E2 levels again

Normally, the FSH level on day 10 should be lower than on day 3. In women whose ovaries lack the ability to properly signal the brain, the FSH will possibly rise on day 10 after the CCCT. So, even though the FSH level on day 3 may be normal, a high FSH level on cycle day 10 is as bad as a high level on day 3.