The following are three different personal experiences with a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG):


1. I had my HSG and it was NOT BAD AT ALL! First of all the Dr. and nurse's were so nice so I think that made it a lot easier...i was so nervous! They lay you down and explain everything they're doing step by step.
First he wiped my cervix with some kind of cleanser. Then he inserted the clamp type thing the Ob-Gyn's use (forget the name) then he sprayed something to numb the cervix...that burned me a little, but not bad. Then he inserted the tube into the cervix and that's when I felt something. It was like really bad cramps but only lasted about 1 minute and it was bearable. I took an 800mg motrin an hour before the procedure. Then he started taking pictures and I had to ask if the dye was really in because I didn't feel it at all. The Good news is I'm OK, no blockages or scarring...he said everything looked great! I am so relieved! I took the day off just in case I didn't feel up to going back.
2.  My experience was not that bad. They bring you into the room, you lay on a table with your hips elevated, they stick a catheter in your cervix and blow it up, then they inject the dye. They make you lay on your back, then roll to each side. The dye gives you cramps but not awful. Afterwards I was a little uncomfortable but overall ok. I had some spotting for a day or two.
3. I had my HSG earlier this month- there was about 30 seconds of intense pain/cramping when they clamped my uterus, but it was over quickly- you could go back to work-I was a little shaky just because I was spotting and I am such a baby when it comes to blood and medical things! I had a very good experience with my HSG; no pain, no cramping, just slight spotting afterwards. I took 2 Aleve's about 3 hours before the procedure (it was scheduled early and I had to wait forever) and then took 2 Advils right before they called me into the room at the water fountain in the hall. They led me into this bathroom and told me to put this gown on and then I got on this flat hard table (left my socks on by the way). They took some baseline pics first, then my RE's assistant resident inserted a speculum and swabbed my cervix with Betadine which was cold. Then she told me she was inserting the catheter which I felt but no pain involved. Then the techs started snapping pics and I didn't even know she had injected the dye. There was this TV screen next to the table and I got to see the dye go up and out of my tubes and I got to see my uterus, which was really neat. After she got the catheter all the way in but before she injected the dye, she removed the speculum which was nice (I think that was the only uncomfortable part of the whole procedure). After they had taken a dozen pics and made me turn my hips this way and that, they pulled the catheter out and I was allowed to go get dressed. They told me right then that everything was fine and I almost started crying out of relief. I felt just a little dizzy when I was walking out of the hospital, and I had light spotting, not even enough to fill half a pantiliner and then drove myself most of the way home. I felt fine and was really happy that everything was okay. I hope you have the same experience and results that I did..I had this done about 3 weeks ago. For me, it was painful for the literally 2 seconds the dye was going in. We think this was because I only have 1 tube so all of the dye was going to one place.