Q: How successful is Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)?

A: Assisted Reproductive Technology or ART, is the term used for fertility treatments. If the treatment is used to increase fertility or chance of conception and involves technology, it falls under the umbrella of ART. ART procedures include in vitro fertilization, electrical stimulation to achieve ejaculation, surgical sperm removal, single sperm fertilization and assisted implantation.

As of 2002, ART births accounted for a mere 1% of the total live births in the United States. This number was reported by 391 ART clinics who performed 115,392 total fertility procedures. A total of 78,000 babies were born thanks to fertility clinics. (68% success)
In 2003, the number of ART births rose, but only slightly. With 399 ART clinics reporting 122,872 procedures and 83,000 live births. (68% success)

By 2004, 411 ART clinics reported 127,977 procedures and 85,000 live births. This was just a 2,000 birth increase over the previous year. (66% success)

The year 2005 brought about a bit of a boom with 422 clinics performing 134,260 procedures and 90,000 live births. (67% success)

Another 5,000 birth boost was reported in 2006 via 426 ART clinics. With a total of 138,198 procedures and 95,000 live births. (68% success)

With more ART clinics reporting, more procedures being performed and more live births it would seem fertility clinics would be reporting great strides, but that is not the case. Between 2002 and 2006, about 68% of all fertility procedures were successful. There is a lag, however in the reporting of the ART Reports.