Since finding out you were expecting you’ve been patiently counting down the days until your little one arrives. Once you’ve made it to the third trimester, however, your anxiety begins to get the best of you as you envision bringing your newborn home from the hospital. As exciting as it is to think about, too much stress and anxiety could be bad for you and the baby. So, it’s best to find fun ways to occupy your mind and time.

Create birth announcements

Want to spread the news about the birth of your little one with friends and relatives? You can create birth announcements to send via mail, email, or on social media. Though you can’t actually send them out until the baby has actually been born, you can take your mind off of things by designing some of the details. You can choose background colors, borders, and decide on what you’ll say in the announcements. Then, once the baby arrives, all you have to do is pick the perfect picture and send them out.

Gender reveal parties

Many couples are shifting from traditional baby showers to gender reveal parties. These are gatherings where you share the sex of your unborn child with family and friends. Guests can still bring gifts, enjoy a great meal, and play fun games just as you would at a shower. From guns and roses to tuxedos and tutus there is plenty of gender reveal party ideas for you to choose from. When you’re ready to reveal the gender you can cut into a cake to reveal pink or blue, blast smoke out of a cannon, or try gender reveal confetti poppers for a pink or blue celebration!

Design the nursery 

Another way to prepare for a baby in the home is to start designing the nursery. This can be a lot of fun (especially since someone else will have to do the heavy lifting). Start deciding on paint colors, themes, and shopping for nursery furniture like cribs, rocking chairs, changing tables, and dressers. You can find great comfort in knowing that your baby will have a special place to sleep when they come home.

Plan a babymoon

This is the last bit of time you’ll have before your baby arrives. Some couples take this time to enjoy each other’s company. A babymoon is essentially a much-needed vacation for the parents to be. You can enjoy a relaxing weekend at the beach, check into a nice hotel and get the spa treatment, or find a nice rental in the city and shop til you drop. Just make sure that you’ve been cleared by your doctor before you travel.

The arrival of your baby is without a doubt one of the most exciting times in your life, but sitting around being anxious until they arrive isn’t a good idea. As you prepare for a new baby in the home there’s a lot to get done. Plan a gender reveal party, get away with your significant other on a babymoon, design the nursery, or start working on those birth announcements to make the sometimes stressful process of preparing a lot more fun.

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