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One of the hottest debates in regards to gay and lesbian parenting include potential child development issues. There have been at least five major studies that have proven gay and lesbian parenting has no negative effects on child development.

In 2006, the American Psychological Association in partnership with the American Psychiatric Association and National Association of Social Workers found no clinical evidence of negative social impact on children raised by gay and lesbian couples. According to the research, children of gay and lesbian couples fare the same outcome developmentally as children of heterosexual couples. The study went on to state that children benefited more when raised by two parents rather than one, no matter the sexual orientation of the parents.

Published in Pediatrics magazine in 2006, a second study reinforced the findings of other clinical research. The American Academy of Pediatrics found that after 25 years of study, no significant changes in social development occurred when parents were of the same sex. Adults that were nurturing and supportive of children offered the same relationship benefits as couples of opposite sex.

Gregory M. Herek published an article in The American Psychologist in 2006. The article stated that people claiming there are negative effects on child development because of being raised by gay and lesbian couples are forced to search for empirical data to support these claims. All studies to date have resulted in much the same outcome. When competent parents, no matter the sexual orientation, raise children they tend to fare the same.

In 2004 and 2006, the Canadian Psychological Association probably stated support for gay and lesbian parents perfectly, “Beliefs that gay and lesbian adults are not fit parents, or that the psychosocial development of the children of gay and lesbian parents is compromised, have no basis in science.” The association reviewed at least 50 clinical studies and articles on the subject of gay and lesbian parenting before making this statement.

Child development is based on parenting choices, not the sexual orientation of parenting figures. If parents are heterosexual and offer a less supportive and less nurturing environment, children are more likely to have social and child development issues. The same goes for gay and lesbian couples. The fact is, not all couples are made for parenting and sexual disposition has no impact on the development of a child either mentally or physically.