Swimming While Trying To Get Pregnant

Q: Can I go swimming the day after we make love? Or the same day? How about implantation? Can the water enter my vagina or uterus, kill sperm, and prevent me from getting pregnant?

A: Swimming or taking a bath are not contraindicated after you make love and while you are trying to get pregnant. After you make love, sperm enter your uterus within minutes. The rest die quickly in your vagina. It also does not affect implantation which happens 6-12 days after ovulation/fertilization.

When you take a bath or go swimming, the water does not usually enter your vagina or uterus. Even if it enters the vagina, it does not enter the uterus wher sperms live for several days ready for fertilization after you made love. Swimming in water does not interfere with the sperm in the uterus, and does not affect the fertilization process.