How can you keep track of how heavy your menstrual periods are :

  1. One soaked, normal-sized sanitary product holds about a teaspoon of blood (= 5 ml),
  2. A “maxi” or “super” tampon or pad holds about two teaspoons or 10ml of blood
  3. Record the number you soak each day of your flow.
  4. Keep a Menstrual Cycle Diary to document the amount and timing of flow.
  5. Keep track of the number of soaked sanitary products each day you need to recall the number you changed that were half full (let’s say three tampons and one pad) and multiply that (four X 0.5 = two) to give the number of fully soaked ones.
  6. Keep track of your best judgment about the amount of flow (for example spotting, normal flow, slightly heavy and very heavy with flooding and/or clots.
  7. If the number of soaked sanitary products totals 16 or more or if you are recording many very heavy flows then you have very heavy flow.
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