Twelve innovative ways to announce your pregnancy

Announcing your pregnancy is not an easy feat. And you can do much better than sending out a tweet or a simple email. Read below some suggestions to make it easier.

  1. The positive pregnancy test: Take a picture of the positive pregnancy test (maybe get one that has a BIG PLUS) and send it off to your friends, family, etc
  2. The first sonogram: Announcing your pregnancy with a sonogram is a creative way to give baby their first hello to the family. The sonogram picture can be reprinted at a local photo lab complete with customization with the estimated date of birth printed on the picture. The First Heartbeat: Have a tape recorder in hand? Record the first heartbeat of the baby and play it at a family dinner. The guessing game is a wonderful twist that will surely end in a ton of questions and plenty of congratulations.
  3. Clothing messages: Printing messages on clothing is another creative way to announce the new baby on the way. Whether you choose to don a shirt that reads "Baby on Board" or create a big brother or big sister t-shirt - the message will be read loud and clear.
  4. Give the gift of you: At a family dinner or family get together, wear a bow on your tummy. When people start to ask what the bow is all about, tell them about your future as a mother.
  5. The family tree: Get together a group of friends and family and work on a family tree together. When it comes time to add your children to the tree, add in the new baby and watch the eyes around you sparkle in wonder and joy.
  6. Go old fashioned: Some people love to do things the old fashioned way and the pregnancy announcement is just that type of choice. Small cards can be purchased at any card store and filled out in the same way any other announcement is created. Send out the cards and away the frantic calls from friends and family.
  7. Start a website: Many people have moved out of the physical age and into the electronic age. Creating a website for baby is simple and inexpensive. All you need is a free website provider and some information and pictures of the new baby
  8. Start a pregnancy blog: There are a ton of free blogging platforms available today. These can be used to create a pregnancy blog that you will update along the way with information on baby and picture of both mom and the fetus. Keeping such a blog is a wonderful way to show baby how much he or she was loved well before they were born.
  9. Throw a party with baby in mind: For no reason, send out invitations to a party. When friends and family appear, the cake or cupcakes at the party will be decorated with baby toys and trinkets. No one will have to ask again what this party is for.
  10. Ask for help with baby names: Breaking the news to friends is often easier than family. Instead of coming right out and telling family members of the pregnancy, ask them for their input on baby names. Not too long into the conversation, they will understand why you are asking.
  11. Send the gift of poo: Not really poo, but the diaper to hold it in. Sending everyone a diaper with the due date on the diaper is a funny way to tell everyone of your new need for diaper coupons.
  12. Email charades: Without a doubt, the most creative way to share the news is with a game of email charades. Send out pictures, once a day, to friends and family. Tell them to try and guess the relationship between the pictures and you. Some may get it right away, but others will take a bit longer to figure out the news.
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