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At an amazing average of $12,000 per treatment from start (at follicle stimulation) to finish (at insertion of embryos), many American couples who need in-vitro fertilization seek the medical procedure in other countries.

Let us take a look at the cost and safety of taking your in-vitro fertilization outside of the country, to see if it is a viable alternative to having the procedure done here in the United States.

How much does it cost?
Depending on where you decide to go outside of the United States, you could be saving thousands of dollars over having the procedure done here in America.  One of the most well known fertility clinics located outside the United States is found in Thailand, known as the Jetanin Institute.  The Jetanin Institute offers a full range of services geared toward solving the infertility crisis that plagues so many couples all over the world.  Generally speaking though, clinics in other countries offer those same in-vitro fertilization treatments at about 25% of the cost we pay here in the United States.  Even in factoring in the cost of travel to the country where you will be receiving treatment, and taking the time off work (which you may have to do anyway) you are still saving a tremendous amount of money.

How safe is it?
As with where you go, some places are going to be safer than others.  The same is true for clinics here in the United States, though so of course you should conduct an intensive amount of research on your clinic of choice, along with the practitioners employed there.   Be sure that you research your clinic of choice, in terms of success rate, how long they have been in business, the equipment and technology they use, and virtually any other question you could think of to ask an American doctor.  Verify all this information through a variety of sources.

Other notable countries of interest
If for any reason you do not like the Thailand area, there are several other clinics located all over the world that may be able to help you. 

  • Canada: Offers various services at a reduced cost. An example would be an IVF cycle (without the cost of medication included) for $6,000. This is about half the cost of the US, and is very close to home.
  • United Kingdom: Offers different packages, such as 3 treatments for the price of two, to ensure pregnancy success.
  • Australia: Will cost about $7,000, with an initial payment of no more than $2,000.
  • India: Several clinics here offer the same services as in the United States, without the extra charge.  The consultation that likely will cost you $1000 here in America will run you about $20 with an Indian clinic.

Because of the continuing rising cost of American health care, (even with insurance coverage) it is becoming quite a trend for American citizens to take “medical vacations” where they go to another country to have a medical procedure done, in a new interesting environment. Several different types of procedures are done for Americans in other countries, like heart surgeries, and even cosmetic surgery. Fertility procedures such as in-vitro are no different!