There is something about having a child that bonds a family together closer than ever before. When infertility problems leave a couple without the ability to conceive a child of their own, there are options for parenthood that will bring that little joy home.

Donor Sperm

Infertility is not always black and white. In cases where the male has trouble with fertility, he may still release viable sperm but not in the numbers needed to cause pregnancy. In this case, the male can donate sperm for in-vitro fertilization. If the male is totally infertile with no production of sperm, donor sperm can be used for the in-vitro process.

Surrogacy With Donor Egg

Moms who are trying to get pregnant but having trouble are not necessarily not releasing eggs. Parents who are unable to get pregnant together may be able to choose surrogacy as an option. The mother donates eggs and the father donates sperm. The two are joined with in-vitro fertilization with the surrogate mother carrying the pregnancy for the duration. At birth, the baby will be a biological child of the parents.

Surrogacy Without Donor Egg

A surrogate can still be a viable option in the case that the female parent does not produce eggs for donation. The surrogate can be impregnated with the donor sperm of the father or with donor sperm from a third party source. Surrogacy is an extremely expensive option and does hold a legal side that will need to be handled after the baby is born.


Without a doubt, adoption is the most common choice for infertile parents. When you cannot get pregnant, the idea of adoption will often be the first to cross your mind. Adoption through United States sources tends to be more expensive and take longer than the adoption of children outside of the United States. Overseas adoptions have been on the rise for many years and in some cases, the parents adopting are able to conceive but choose to adopt a child none the less.

Choosing the Best Alternative Parenting Option

It is important to remember that becoming a parent is a lifelong responsibility. Parents who choose to adopt or hire a surrogate have a greater chance of emotional distress involving the new baby. This distress may include, the loss of a genetic connection with the child, loss of the physical attachment gained during pregnancy and gestational growth and loss of the emotional bond between a baby and a parent.

When choosing alternative parenting options, it is important to consider all of the pros and cons. Remembering throughout the process that you are about to become a parent and your life is about to change forever, will often slowly grow the excitement and emotional bonding to the child. There are options out there for infertile parents giving the couple a chance to have a child, raise a child and change the world.