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Today's Date:
Ovulation: OD
Expected Next Period:
Fetal Heart Beat Seen:
Nuchal Screen:
2nd Trimester Begins:
Fetal Movements:
Pregnancy Viable:
Glucose Screen:
3rd Trimester Begins:
Term Pregnancy Begins:
Due Date:

What is a pregnancy wheel?

This pregnancy wheel allows you to do follow the same steps that your doctor would follow in the office to determine when you got pregnant and all of your important pregnancy milestones. Just point your cursor to turn the inner wheel to either the first day of your last period and choose your cycle length, or point the 40-week arrow to your due date. The wheel will then automatically calculate your important dates.

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Purchase this pregnancy wheel from Fairhaven Health or just $6.95. Or, try our online due date calculator. Watch the video below to see just how effective and easy the wheel is to use.

What does the pregnancy wheel show you?

Use our pregnancy wheel to detect and track your most fertile time of the month, which will help increase your chances of getting pregnant. With every menstrual cycle, you have a 25% chance of becoming pregnant if you’re having unprotected sex, ovulating regularly and if your partner has enough sperm. You may have heard that ovulation and the best chance for pregnancy occur on day 14 (14 days after the first day of your last period).

However, your own menstrual cycle length will vary wildly over the course of your life so try not to get stuck on the number 14. In addition, your fertile days end on the day of ovulation, and the very best days for having sex are the 4-5 days before and the day of ovulation. Once an egg leaves the ovary, it must be fertilized within 12 to 24 hours or it’s too late.

Some of the most important things to do when trying to get pregnant and during early pregnancy are calculating your fertile days, and finding out your due date as well as how far you are along in your pregnancy. Check out our online due date calculator.

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