World War II was a time of open doors for Spain. Due to the religious persecution of many Jewish populations, Spain opened the borders to allow those fleeing to pass through as long as no evidence of the passing was left behind. In all more than 25,000 Jewish people passed through the country. In addition to those passing through, nearly 7,000 Jewish people were kept in secret by Spanish diplomats to escape Nazi forces. Today there are about 67,000 people in the Jewish community.

Having a cold in pregnancy can slow you down dramatically. Chicken soup is proven to help make you feel better fast and Jewish Penicillin recipes have all the right ingredients for an easy to make soup to cure that cold in pregnancy fast.


3 celery stalk, peeled and chopped
2 medium carrots, peeled and chopped
½ yellow onion, chopped
3 TB olive oil
2 chicken backs
6 cups water
2 bay leaves, whole
1/5 box angel hair pasta


  1. Peel all the vegetables and chop.
  2. Pour oil in a large skillet and heat.
  3. Add vegetables to skillet and sauté for three minutes.
  4. Add the chicken backs to the skillet.
  5. Brown the chicken backs. This takes three to four minutes.
  6. Pour water into the skillet and add bay leaves.
  7. Reduce heat to a simmer and cook for 1 ½ hour.
  8. Add salt if desired.
  9. When chicken is falling off the bone increase heat to high.
  10. At boiling, add angel hair and cook according to box directions.
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