If you're talking about your brother and sister or your partner's brother and sister, discuss relationships and personal space and make that decision as a couple. If you know you want your siblings in the room and your partner is not convinced, be honest and share the positives or benefits you feel bringing siblings into the mix will afford you.

If you're talking about having your other children in the delivery room you're approaching a far different issue. Having children in the delivery room is a moral issue for some parents and a given for others. Age and maturity level will undoubtedly play an important part.

Having a 13-year-old who can eat, drink and stay occupied without help and doesn't feel out of place in the delivery room is one thing. Having a two-year-old who needs constant attention and care at all times is another. Younger childrentend to be better off spending less time in the delivery room and more time with friends or family not because they shouldn't be a part of the experience, but because they simply don't understand why they cannot be the center of attention. There could also be some scary things happening during delivery that may prove too much for little eyes. 

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