24-Hour Protein Excretion (Urine) During Pregnancy

    What is Protein Excretion?
    Protein excretion is the amount of protein excreted or passed out of the body in urine. Some excretion is normal, but excessive excretion can be a sign of heart failure, glomerular disorders, HIV, hepatitis B or C, metal ingestion or lymphoma.

    There is no such thing as low protein excretion as some people don’t excrete any protein in urine.

    Normal Value Range

    • Non-Pregnant Adult: Less than 150 mg / 24 hours or less than 0.15 g / 24 hours
    • Pregnancy Trimester One: No Normal Values
    • Pregnancy Trimester Two: 0 to 255 mg / 24 hours or 0 to 0.26 g / 24 hours
    • Pregnancy Trimester Three: 0 to 254 mg / 24 hours or 0 to 0.25 g / 24 hours

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