What is LDL Cholesterol?
LDL or low-density lipoprotein is the unhealthy cholesterol everyone is trying to avoid. Cholesterol is necessary for optimal body functioning, but there needs to be a balance between healthy and unhealthy cholesterol. The good cholesterol HDL (high-density lipoprotein), helps keep LDL under control by pushing it or carrying it along to the cholesterol-processing center. There the cholesterol can be transformed into something the body can use for overall cell stability. Too much LDL can make it extremely difficult for HDL to keep LDL under control. High levels of LDL can be a sign of heart disease or increased risk of various cardiovascular events.

Normal Value Range

  • Negative Pregnancy Adult: < 100 mg/dL or <2.59 µmol/L
  • Pregnancy Trimester One: 60 to 153 mg/dL or 1.55 to 3.96 µmol/L
  • Pregnancy Trimester Two: 77 to 184 mg/dL or 1.99 to 4.77 µmol/L
  • Pregnancy Trimester Three: 101 to 224 mg/dL or 2.62 to 5.8 µmol/L

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