• two lesbian mothers with child

There should, theoretically, be no differences between the outcome of a child parented by a heterosexual couple or a gay / lesbian couple. It seems, however, science plays by a different set of rules from time to time. According to various studies, children parented by gay couples showed some significant advantages over those parented by heterosexual couples.

-Daughters raised by lesbian couples are more likely to seek out professional occupations outside of the feminine norm. Behavior, play and wardrobe tended to fall outside of normal culture choices for peers raised in a heterosexual environment. Essentially, daughters of lesbians tend to think outside of the societal box.

-Sons raised by lesbian couples also fall outside of culture norms. Affection and nurturing qualities are more common with peers.

-Children raised in lesbian households tend to have a more open mind about relationships, both heterosexual and homosexual.
-Sons were less likely to be sexually adventurous when raised by a lesbian couple.

There is not much clinical research involving gay male relationships and parenting. This could be due to the fact that lesbian couples may have an easier time parenting as long as one of the partners is fertile. Research does state that children growing up in gay households show no negative “side-effects” from being raised in an alternative environment.

The Same but Different – Gay and Lesbian Parenting

One evident positive is the fact that gay and lesbian parents often discipline, teach and love in the same way as heterosexual parents. The “different” aspect is the ability to overcome huge obstacles, stand firm in the face of adversity and make decisions based on emotion and love rather than firm facts. Gay and lesbian couples have not always been accepted in public restaurants or able to walk down the street hand in hand without fear of physical or mental attack. Life lessons give depth to a person’s soul that can only be realized with experience.

Resilience is often learned, though many young parents have not lived enough life to have faced situations requiring resilience. Gay and lesbian couples are out to beat all odds against them, and in most cases, find ways of doing so without confrontation and negative words against others. These values are passed on to children in the household and that can be one of the most spectacular advantages of being raised by gay or lesbian parents.