Perfumes, deodorant, and hourly showers may not enough to fight off the body odor some expecting women experience. With increased fluid retention, soaring pregnancy hormones and an increased basal temperature, sweating and body odor may be a part of pregnancy. Body odor is easy enough to treat with a healthy change in diet, placement of a few fans, and a clinical strength deodorant. Food can actually change the way body odor smells so stay away from animal products and spicy foods. Garlic and onions can seep out through pores causing body odor.

body odor-pregnancy-smell.jpg

Pregnant women may also have a more sensitive sense of smell so that body odor a pregnant woman smells may not be a smell someone else recognizes as foul. Remember, morning sickness can be attributed to foods smelling different when pregnant; those French fries that once smelled delicious may give off a putrid smell after conception. 

Pregnant women may also choose to wear light fitting clothing and dust the body with a talc-free powder to help eliminate body odor.