Callused feet can result from skin changes related to pregnancy hormones. Skin has a tendency to dry out more quickly while pregnant because of the intense fluid needs of the body. 

While the retention of fluid increases in the body during pregnancy, the feet may be left out equation causing them to become dry and callused. If callused feet are experienced during pregnancy, tools like the Pedi-Egg can be used and are completely safe. Depending on the stage of pregnancy, bending down to work the Pedi-Egg over callused feet may be impossible. This is a great time for a friend, family member or significant other to give the gift of a home pedicure.

Professional pedicures at a salon can also work to remove callused feet. The salon, however, should be well ventilated as odors from acrylic nail treatments and nail polish can be harmful to the growing baby. Some women choose to stay away from professional salons during pregnancy due to potential bacterial infections associated with manicures and pedicures. This is another reason to wear off those calluses at home. A thick daily moisturizer should be applied to callused feet and heels several times a day.