Crow's feet are small wrinkles that appear around the eyes. Crow's feet are part of the natural aging process which is different for each person. Some experts believe the way skin is treated early in life determines how it will react to the aging process. If sunscreen was used as a child, the aging process may be retarded enough to stop the development of crow’s feet and other fine lines and wrinkles. During pregnancy, medical treatments for crow’s feet are out of the question, but that does not mean natural methods of anti-aging cannot be used.


Anti-aging is the term used in the alternative community for complimentary therapies that may help slow or reverse the effects of aging on the skin. Certain fine lines and wrinkles can be covered with make-up, but crow’s feet can be hard to cover. Pregnant women can choose to eat foods high in anti-oxidants and drink plenty of green tea while pregnant. Anti-oxidants fight off free radical damage to cells. When cells are healthy again, they can recover more quickly and reverse the sagging effects of unhealthy cells. Green tea is just plain healthy!