torn-earlobe-droopy.jpgDroopy and torn earlobes can leave a woman feeling less beautiful every time she looks in the mirror. Unfortunately surgery is the only option for fixing droopy or torn earlobes and surgery can be very dangerous for pregnant women and their baby. Therefore, pregnant women will need to live with droopy or torn earlobes for at least 40 weeks until they give birth. After birth, doctors will typically wait 6 weeks or more before scheduling surgery to correct droopy or torn ear lobes. The surgery is considered cosmetic and requires general anesthesia to complete. 

General anesthesia comes with a long list of potential side effects including decreased blood pressure, increased blood pressure and death. Before choosing to have droopy or torn ear lobes surgically repaired, it is important to consult the obstetrician and cosmetic surgeon about the potential risks and the possible effect of pregnancy hormones on surgical recovery.

Further, after having surgery of any kind mom may not be able to breastfeed her baby, especially if pain medications are prescribed that are unsafe for use while breastfeeding.

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