Women tend to hate gray hair. Not only can it have a texture akin to fishing wire, but it can also make a woman feel older and less attractive. Before pregnancy, hair dye can be used to color gray hair to blend in with the rest of her strands. After becoming pregnant, using hair dye to disguise gray hair may not be a healthy choice.

There is a constant debate over hair dye use during pregnancy. Some experts believe using hair dye to cover gray hair during pregnancy is safe while others suggest pregnant patients stay away from the strong chemicals used to alter hair color. The concern of using hair dye is based on the thought that contact between the chemicals in the dye and the skin may not healthy for the developing baby.

In order to solve the gray hair dilemma, pregnant women may choose to highlight or streak their hair with lighter or darker colors. Highlighting does not involve direct contact between coloring chemicals and the scalp (thus limiting chemical to skin contact). New products like 10-minute hair dyes are perfect as the coloring agent takes only 10 minutes to cover gray hair instead of the typical 25 to 45 minutes (again minimizing chemical to skin contact).

All this said, however, it is important to remember that there are many people who do not find gray hair to be unattractive in the slightest. So, do not think that just becuase you are starting to gray, you are losing your attractiveness. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

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