For many women, hair growth increases as a result of those annoying pregnancy hormones. Despite all the irritating changes in the body caused by pregnancy hormones, this effect is one pregnant women look forward to – or so they think. Increased hair growth on the head leaves mom with long, full locks by the time her baby is born. Pregnancy hormones cannot increase hair growth in only one area of the body, however. If hair on the head is growing faster, fuller and thicker, chances are hair on other parts of the body is also growing.


Increased hair growth may cause hairy knuckles. At first, the increased hair may not be visible, as knuckle hair tends to be light in color. Later in the pregnancy when hormones darken hair, hair on knuckles may become more noticeable. No pregnant woman wants to be left with hair on her knuckles, but waxing or bleaching is not advisable during pregnancy.

Shaving off the excess hair is a viable option, but mom will have to shave on a weekly basis to keep up with hair growth. Patience may be the best solution. After the baby is born, hairs on the knuckles will likely return to normal length and color.