Skin during pregnancy is more sensitive. Expecting women may find that shaving causes razor bumps on their legs, underarms and personal areas. Even if there was no issue with sensitive skin before pregnancy, hormones can change skin to the point that the slightest irritation causes razor bumps to appear. Razor bumps are caused by irritation to the hair follicle. If razor bumps are a problem, waxing and plucking should also be avoided. Waxing and plucking are far more irritating than shaving.


In order to keep razor bumps to a minimum, use a warm compress on legs and underarms before shaving. The warm water will open the pores of the skin allowing a smoother shave and less irritation. After shaving, a cold compress will help close pores, keeping dirt and oil out. Skin should be washed thoroughly before and after shaving. Moisturizers applied after shaving should contain no fragrances or alcohol as they can irritate the skin.