Skin tags are common and are characterized by small growths that appear to hang off the skin. Skin tags during pregnancy are associated with increased hormone levels. There is no way to prevent these small bits of hanging skin, but pregnant women should find some solace in the fact that they are benign. After giving birth, skin tags can be frozen with liquid nitrogen and cut off by a dermatologist. There is no sense in attempting to have the treatment while pregnant, though, for two reasons: first, the skin tags can continue to develop until giving birth. Second, skin tags normally start appearing in the second trimester and the dermatologist will immediately see you are pregnant and refuse treatment as the treatment can be very harmful to the baby.

 Skin tags can also be removed with chemicals that are similar to wart removers. These chemicals can leech through the skin, so they are not to be used while pregnant. Nursing mothers may also want to steer clear of chemical skin tag removal.