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Most men often refer to an orgasm as ejaculation. Because men only ejaculate once during a sexual act, they believe they cannot have multiple orgasms. But this is false, and having multiple orgasms means redefining the idea of what an orgasm really is.

The Prostate And Multiple Orgasms

This muscle, called the pubococcygeus or PC muscle, is responsible for starting and stopping urine and letting out semen during ejaculation. Theoretically, this muscle can be trained to stop ejaculation while allowing the male to feel the same sensation present when ejaculation occurs.

Training the muscle requires focusing on starting and stopping urination in mid-flow. The longer the muscle is forced to hold back urine, the stronger the muscle will become. This process of strengthening the PC muscle can take time, so an overnight change from one orgasm to multiple orgasms will not take place.

Noticing When The Time Is Right

Another huge aspect of controlling ejaculation in order to achieve multiple orgasms is to understand the effect intercourse has on the body. When men are in touch with their ejaculation response, they can better control the PC muscle. Typically the muscle can be tightened for only a short period of time, but with the above-mentioned training, that time can be extended to the point where the “feel” of an ejaculation takes place without actually ejaculating.

When men have multiple orgasms, they do not often feel the same as the big orgasm felt with ejaculation. Ejaculating provides an additional dimension to orgasm that cannot be felt without the movement of semen through the urethra tract. Some believe the movement of the PC muscle is part of the stronger orgasmic power associated with ejaculation.

More often, men describe multiple orgasms as being orgasm-esque. This means the feeling is the same as a traditional ejaculating orgasm in some ways, but completely different in others. Men who use PC exercises, also known as Kegel exercises, to extend sexual intercourse may achieve the ability to hold back semen long enough to achieve more than one peak/orgasm. However, men who do make it to the point of no return can still take advantage of multiple ejaculating orgasms.

Typically it takes 30 minutes for a man to recover from ejaculation. During this time, using sex toys or other forms of stimulation will give the man enough time to recover sensitivity to the penis and start intercourse again for a second chance at the big O.

It is important to spend more time focusing on the act of great sex rather than the numbers: the average penis size is this many inches, the G-spot is located at this depth in the vagina, and recovery time takes this many minutes. None of these are a measure of sexual enjoyment.

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