The time it takes a man to reach ejaculation is often the subject of heated, personal thoughts. Many men feel they do not last long enough in the bedroom to make their partner happy. This can result in the loss self-esteem, which in turn causes sex drive to diminish hindering the relationship. There are two main rules of thumb in regards to ejaculation that men should remember:


  • If the partner is happy with your sex life, ejaculation times do not matter.
  • If real premature ejaculation is a problem, there are solutions.

First, let’s identify the medical definition of premature ejaculation. In most cases, when a man has intercourse, ejaculation occurs more than five minutes after insertion. This time, however, can vary from sexual session to session. If one night love making is more intimate and intense, the time it takes the man to ejaculate could be reduced dramatically. This does not mean the man suffers from premature ejaculation. In the most severe cases, the male may not have to begin penetrating intercourse to ejaculate. These men often orgasm during foreplay.

This medical definition may not help counteract the feelings of anxiety surrounding sex even if the male does not medically suffer from premature ejaculation. Men believe the time it takes them to ejaculate is directly linked to their manhood. The longer they can penetrate, the more of a man they are and the more satisfied their partner will be. In all honesty, the two are not related at all.

In terms of a male/female relationship, once the female orgasms the vagina and surrounding area can become very sensitive to penetration. While this may feel good, the natural lubrication may soon wear thin and sex can become more of a time consuming issue than a pleasure. Ideally, men should bring their partner to the point of orgasm and then orgasm with them in order to make sex a two-sided affair.

This dual ejaculation or orgasm can be a simple solution for men who feel they prematurely ejaculate. If a partner is at the point of orgasm, they will not notice how long it takes you to orgasm. Furthermore, when a couple orgasms at the same time, there is a feeling of equal sexual desire and accomplishment which can improve sex drive and sexual bonds.

Another easy way to combat premature ejaculation is with masturbation. Many men leave sex alone until they are with their partner. Then, each time they become intimate, the body gets so excited about the action that it reacts quickly to seize the moment. Some specialists believe that doubling the number of orgasms a man has every week by adding masturbation into their sexual activities, can help increase the amount of time he can spend in physical intercourse without ejaculating. If doubling has no effect, double again.

Working with the body and your partner to find a solution to premature ejaculation is the best choice. This means being honest with what is happening with your body and having an open communication about it with your partner.

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