When it comes to having great sex, not everyone understands the basic methods of giving and receiving more pleasure. Great sex is all about relaxation, confidence and understanding the definition of great sex. The following are the 3 top guidelines for how to improve your sex life and have great sex:

  • Intimacy
    Just as beauty is considered to be in the eye of the beholder, great sex can only be defined by the person receiving pleasure. Without a doubt, intimacy is one of the most important aspects of male sexuality. Typically, men are more aggressive about reaching orgasm. When a woman tells the man to slow down he may think, “Oh no, more foreplay.” But, women are talking about more than just sexual play. Slowing down the pace of sexual acts allows for greater intimacy and connection between two people. Further, taking time out for a bit of slower love making is also beneficial to the body in terms of a greater orgasm effect. The build-up to an orgasm can be fast, or slow and measured. The longer the body anticipates the orgasm, the better that climax will feel for both partners.

    During intercourse, both men and women should take the time to notice small changes in their partner. It is these changes that will teach each what feels good and what feels great. Just banging through intercourse to reach a quick orgasm is not going to do justice to the connection that makes sex great.
  • Talking
    A great sexual relationship starts with a great relationship. If two people are willing to share their most intimate moments, talking about what feels good and what doesn't feel good should be easy. But, it's often the most difficult thing in the world to accomplish. Pillow talk can bring a couple together both mentally and physically. If you can tell her verbally what you like and she can do the same, the entire love-making experience will be filled with great feelings and your relationship will grow stronger with each interaction.
  • Redefining
    Walking into the locker room at the gym can be a mental speed bump in great sex. Men are more apt to talk about wild and crazy bedroom activities then they are about pleasing their lover or having difficulty reaching orgasm. This wild sex talk can leave other men feeling their time in the bedroom is missing something that could mean better sex. This is the wrong idea.

    Great sex is defined on a case by case basis. While some men may love anal sex, others may find it is uncomfortable or inappropriate. The same goes for many other bedroom exploits. Intimacy, passion and great sex can only be defined by the two people in the relationship. If those two people change, the definition may also change.

In conclusion, men and women can have great sex if they understand the three basic aspects of connection and intimacy. Gentlemen, ladies are not wrong when they ask you to slow down, kiss more and talk a bit. There are no rules or secret moves that make sex great. When an intimate connection is found and men stop basing their definition of great sex on other male exploits, the bedroom will heat up for sure.