A woman can get pregnant with or without having an orgasm. Many women wonder whether they can get pregnant without having an orgasm or whether an orgasm can improve their chances of getting pregnant.

The word orgasm originates from the Greek language. It means that there is swelling.  An orgasm, both in men and women is usually a very enjoyable release of built-up tension and energy. Orgasms are different for everyone, making them difficult to define. Some people describe the sensation as a tingle, whereas others describe explosive feelings all over the body. In a woman, an orgasm is preceded by enlargement of the clitoris and wettening of the vaginal walls. The pelvic muscles, vagina and uterus have rhythmic contractions.

You could get pregnant even if you don't have an orgasm, though having an orgasm is likely more fun. The only thing necessary to get pregnant is that his sperms enter her vagina

Even men can emit sperms without having to have a full orgasm. She can get pregnant without him having an orgasm because he can ejaculate sperms into her vagina even before he has an orgasm (pre-ejaculate or pre-come or precum).