The Sybian is a comfortable sex position that allows many variances for different couples. The sybian sexual position starts with the male partner lying on his back on an ottoman or other prop. The female straddles the male, standing and squats down for penetration. The male partner can choose to thrust upward if desired.

Pros of the Sybian Sexual Position

The male is completely comfortable during the position making it easy for males who have knee and joint problems. The female can offset pressure on the legs by pressing her hands into the chest or sitting on the male’s legs and resorting to hip movements only.

Cons of Sybian Sexual Position

The female must control penetration when performing the sybian sexual position. If there are knee or joint problems, pressure on the knees could result in pain. Movement during the sybian may also cause pain in thigh muscles for the female.

Tips for the Sybian Sexual Position

If the female’s legs grow tired, she can shift weight onto the chest of the male partner with her hands by leaning forward. The male can also help relieve pressure on the female by thrusting upward during the movement while she stands still. The ottoman or prop must be a comfortable height for both parties.

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