Top Sex Mistakes Men Make With Women

Many men may feel like they have women all figured out when it comes to how to please them in the bedroom. Being experienced and having multiple partners does not mean you will have one way that works for everyone. When a man believes he knows what his woman wants, he is making the biggest mistake of his sexual life. If there is one certainty in sex, it is that every woman, man, and situation is different. From one day to the next, sex and foreplay needs can change. This is true even in long-term relationships. Life changes, work, stress levels, and physical size are all important factors that can affect sex and pleasure dramatically.

Men are more apt to learn what they know about sex from adult films. Unfortunately, men fail to realize that these actors can spend hours on a set posing for each frame. Sex shots are often recorded and looped so the action looks like it lasts forever when it really may have only lasted for a few short moments.

Mistake #1: Men know what women want

No two women are the same and no two sexual situations are the same. Just because the last woman in your life enjoyed a specific thing in the bedroom does not mean this woman will enjoy the same thing. Even in long-term relationships, women often change their minds about what they want in the bedroom based upon changes in everyday life. Don’t assume that you know what she wants, instead, you need to ask her what she wants!

Mistake #2: You have everything you need for her to reach orgasm

Not every woman will reach orgasm easily. Some women require more than 2,500 repetitions per minute in order to reach clitoral orgasm. There is no man alive that can move his tongue or finger that fast. A vibrator can be helpful in this situation. There are also women who prefer to self satisfy to orgasm during intercourse. This does not mean she isn’t into you. It just means she knows what she likes and that is what makes her feel good.

Mistake #3: Men and women feel the same pleasure during sex

Men insert their penis into the vagina during sex and the feeling is phenomenal. However, for women, the sensation does not feel the same. The inside of the vagina is far less sensitive than the skin on the penis. If the penis is too long it can cause stomach discomfort and nausea for some women. Women get more pleasure from cuddling and caressing the outer sexual areas as opposed to inner.

While life experience may give a man confidence in the bedroom, that experience does not prepare a man for every sexual situation. Each woman will have different needs, and each sexual situation will be unique. If it were any different, sex would get boring very quickly.

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