Great sex is the main focus of many men. They watch porn films trying to learn moves to please their partner, they listen to the wild and obnoxious exploits men claim in the gym locker room  and they base their definition of great on a fictional reaction seen in Hollywood. But great sex is about more than just sex and once men learn what to avoid, they will perform better and please more. The following are tips for men who strive to have "great sex".


  • Leave the porn films to Hollywood
    Pornographic movies are fictional representations of great sex. Stars often use prescription medications to maintain an erection longer or the film is cut to make intercourse last longer. Even if sex only lasts 15 to 20 minutes, editors can cut and paste certain scenes to extend the film to an hour or more. In the real bedroom, there is no cut and paste. While some women like to watch porn movies, most would not like to be treated the way women are treated during intercourse. Fast, hard sex is not ideal for intimate situations all the time, but that is what porn films often portray. Leaving the dirty movies at home and seeking your own Hollywood moves may serve better for your relationship.
  • Stress wrecks love making
    From the time men leave for work in the morning, life is full of stress. Bumper to bumper traffic, unexpected troubles at work and constantly looming deadlines can wreck intimacy and attempts at great love making. In order to beat the stress and anxiety associated with the daily grind (and even worries about performance) men should try to focus on each pleasurable feeling one at a time. When she touches the side of your face with her lips, what does that feel like? How does her skin feel under your touch? These small tangible feelings can move the body into a sort of sex meditation. In order to optimize the effect, try adding massage and intimate foreplay to intercourse. Even if orgasm is not achieved, stress and anxiety relief is well worth a bit of time spent noticing your body and her body for once.
  • Size won't change so you have to
    Men commonly worry about size more than great sex. While some women prefer a larger or smaller man, penis size does not make love making better or worse. Penetration is only a brief moment in the love making experience. Great sex starts days before the penis even becomes involved. A gentle kiss on the neck while walking by. A touch of the hands under the dinner table. A smile only she can see or a gentle compliment only she can hear. These are the earliest parts of foreplay that matter more than penis size or even intercourse. There are some ways to make penetration more pleasurable in certain situations. If length is an issue, try adding positions that allow deeper penetration or penetration that is more shallow. The vagina is about 4 inches deep, so anything more than that and she is feeling no additional pleasure.