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There are so many changes to your body during pregnancy, and skin changes are common. Sometimes you can get red patches on the skin, including melasma, varicose veins, chloasma, and acne. Melasma most often presents as brown patches on the skin.

Pregnancy Mask

Some women see increased pigmentation during pregnancy known as the pregnancy mask. This skin will appear darker than other skin on the face. With an increased chance of acne, rashes, irritation and sensitive skin, the red rash could just be a common effect of pregnancy, but you should always notify your doctor.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins increase during pregnancy due to the increased blood volume. While varicose veins are more likely to occur on the lower part of the body, they can occur in the face as well.


Chloasma is similar to melasma. The face will appear splotchy with certain parts of the face changing color faster in sunlight than others. The best defense against chloasma is wearing a strong sunscreen and staying out of the sunlight whenever possible. The condition is temporary and poses no risk to the fetus. After pregnancy, the condition will fade and disappear within a few months. In cases of severe chloasma, topical treatments can be prescribed. It is important to tell the dermatologist that you're pregnant because not all topical skin treatments are approved for use during pregnancy.


Acne is very common during pregnancy and can cause changes in skin color. Skin will be more sensitive to soaps, creams and abrasion so the pregnant woman needs to take care of the skin with ease during pregnancy.

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