On babyMed I have developed likely the largest collections of medical calculators for couples trying to get pregnant and those who are already pregnant.

Obstetrics is a specialty that revolves around numbers and data. When is my due date? When am I fertile? When is the pregnancy test positive? How many weeks am I? 

These are just a few of the questions being asked by women and couples who are pregnant and those who are trying to get pregnant. Most of these questions can be answered by medical calculations, so I have developed several calculators to help figure out the answers to many questions regarding pregnancy and trying to get pregnant.

Here are some of our most popular:

Am I Pregnant? Online Pregnancy Quiz Find out if you are pregnant or not.

Fertility and Ovulation Calculator and Calendar The most reliable and precise online fertility and ovulation

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator We calculate the precise due date and other information

Pregnancy Calendar and Calculator Week by Week - Let us tell you how far along you are.

Anxiety Disorder Screen - Check if your anxiety is severe

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