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Q: Is Prozac safe to take during pregnancy?

A: The chemical name for Prozac is fluoxetine hydrochloride. It's usually given to treat depression. 

No increased malformations have been found in several studies of women who took Prozac early in pregnancy and many doctors feel that it can be used in pregnancy if the potential benefits justify the potential risks to the fetus. Several studies comparing women who did take Prozac with women who didn't take it showed that pregnancy outcome did not differ between the groups. There were similar rates of birth weights, major malformations, spontaneous and elective abortions, and stillbirth.

According to the manufacturer, Prozac has no effect on fertility, and it's considered a 'Class C' drug in pregnancy.

However, anytime a woman is on medication, there is concern about its effect on pregnancy. You should never stop a prescription medication without first consulting your doctor. The effects of not taking the medications are often worse than continuing it. 

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