Relieve Hot Flashes During Menopause

One of the worst side effects or symptoms of menopause is the dreaded hot flash. Out of nowhere, an instant flash of heat spreads over the body causing sweating and perspiration. It feels like a flame stirs up on the inside from head to toe. Hot flashes are typically treated with hormone replacement therapy, but as is the case with all medications, there is no guarantee it will work all the time. There could be an occasional hot flash slip through now and again, and if you are in menopause, you need to know the best methods to relieve or prevent hot flashes.

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Soy-based products are said to contain natural estrogen that can help prevent hot flashes or make them less severe. Soy milk, soy protein powder, and soy meat replacements can be added to the diet.

Herbal remedies

Black cohosh is the most common herbal remedy for menopause symptoms, but there are also new combinations of herbal remedies containing herbs to treat depression, mood swings, bloating, and sweating.


For some women, estrogen is just not enough. Progesterone cream and supplements can be purchased over the counter to help ward off menopause symptoms like hot flashes.

Moisture-wicking clothing

When it’s hot outside, a hot flash can feel like an incinerator. To combat the summer heat, wear light clothing made from moisture-wicking material. These materials can actually reduce the temperature of surface skin making women feel cooler.

Spicy foods

Cayenne, wasabi, and other spicy foods can cause sweating and trigger a hot flash. Alcohol and caffeine may have the same effect so stay away from these offenders if you find they lead to hot flash symptoms.

Regular exercise

Some experts believe daily exercise lasting 30 minutes or more can help prevent hot flashes. Taking a brisk daily walk or a run will help keep hot flashes to a minimum.

Cool liquids

Some women who have regular hot flashes in the morning may find that morning coffee causes the flash. Try instead to opt for an iced decaf.

Keep a fan handy

At home, sitting in front of a fan can help fight off the heat. Some women choose to have a fan blowing directly on them to stop night sweats (the worst kind of hot flash).

Eat strawberries

While there is no scientific evidence revealing why strawberries work, many women report finding relief from night sweats when they eat a few before bed.

Supplement with vitamin E

Researchers have studied the effects of Vitamin E on hot flashes with some success relieving the heat. Ask your doctor before you take any supplement or fill up on extra nuts. seeds, and green, leafy vegetables.

Eat flaxseed

A study completed by the Mayo Clinic revealed women who ate flaxseed were less likely to suffer from hot flashes. Flaxseed can be incorporated to many recipes or even sprinkled in your morning yogurt or oatmeal.

Add a little menthol

Adding menthol to body cream can create a cooling sensation on the skin. Sit in front of a fan to increase the cooling effect.

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