How long after a miscarriage should I wait before getting pregnant?

A miscarriage is the loss of the pregnancy usually before 12 weeks. A short interpregnancy interval (less than 6-12 months) after a full pregnancy is generally associated with increased complications in future pregnancies. But this usually applies only to previously advanced pregnancies, those close to term, not miscarriages.

Lowest risks of repeat miscarriage if you get pregnant within 3 months

The traditional recommendation to wait 3 months after a pregnancy loss is not warranted. Recent research has shown no increased pregnancy complications if you get pregnant shortly after an early miscarriage. In fact, recent data show that getting pregnant within 3 months after a miscarriage decreases your risks of a repeat miscarriage when compared to waiting much longer. 

After an early miscarriage, doctors usually suggest you wait at least one month or until your first menstrual period before you should get pregnant again. The length of time you should wait depends also on the circumstances of your miscarriage and how far along in pregnancy you were when it happened. The longer the prior pregnancy lasted, the longer it's suggested to wait before getting pregnant.

When does my fertility and ovulation return after a miscarriage?

Your ability to get pregnant depends on when you ovulate again. It sometimes takes 2-3 months or more for ovulation and your fertility to return after a miscarriage. If it happens right away and you get pregnant there is usually no significantly increased risk of complications.

There are no specific guidelines on how long after a miscarriage you should wait before getting pregnant again. One timeframe to consider is that it may take several months for ovulation to return after a miscarriage. Many doctors suggest waiting at least one to two months before you try and get pregnant again after a miscarriage. The thought behind waiting is that the uterus should get a chance to 'cleanse' itself and the lining should 'shed' after at least one menstrual bleeding.

Is there a problem if you get pregnant right away after a miscarriage?

There are no good studies that have shown an adverse pregnancy outcome in women who get pregnant immediately in the first cycle after a miscarriage. And there is no firm proof that pregnancies have a higher risk of complications when they begin even within weeks after a miscarriage.