like spina bifida. But, if women have no idea they are pregnant, they will not know to increase folic acid levels or take a prenatal vitamin. In most cases, planned parenthood activists suggest women take a prenatal vitamin as soon as they start trying for pregnancy, but in cases of unplanned pregnancy, low folate levels remains a problem.

To address the problem, the Food and Drug Administration has approved an oral contraceptive that supplies folate to women. The contraceptive is a combination estrogen / progesterone drug with folate. While taking the contraceptive, women are receiving enough folate to prevent neural tube defects if pregnancy were to occur. This protects babies and the increased amounts of water-soluble vitamin B folate, is neither toxic nor harmful to mom.

In an American study, Beyaz increase folate levels while women were taking the contraceptive. A German study, however, recorded significantly higher folate levels for several weeks after the contraceptive was stopped. This means, women who stop taking a contraceptive and soon become pregnant are protected more than women who have no increased folate levels.

The drug is called Beyaz and is based on the combination contraceptive YAZ. Beyaz claims to prevent pregnancy, treat premenstrual dysphoric disorder and treat moderate acne. Beyaz can be taken by women 14 years of age and older.

Source: United States Food and Drug Administration. 25 September, 2010.

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