An ovulation prediction kit can be used by women and men who are trying to conceive to time intercourse. If intercourse occurs when a woman is ovulating, there is an increased chance that she will conceive a child. The ovulation prediction kits most often come with enough tests for 5 to 7 days. In order to most effectively use the ovulation prediction kit, the woman will have to have a basic understanding of ovulation and when it normally occurs.

What is Ovulation?

Ovulation is the time during a woman's menstrual cycle when the egg is released. Taking a normal menstrual cycle into consideration, the woman will ovulate between the 10th and 19th day after the starting day of the last period. While the ovulation predictor may help to predict when ovulation will occur, the woman will need to have intercourse before ovulation in order to optimize her chances of conception.

Ovulation is like a marker. The woman can use the ovulation prediction kit to mark the day when ovulation will most likely occur, but two to three days before the day of ovulation is when intercourse should be planned. After the egg is released, it will only live in the body for up to 24 hours which is a small time frame for conception.

How Do Ovulation Prediction Kits Predict Ovulation?

Just like the at home pregnancy test is created to test for the pregnancy hormone hCG, the at home ovulation kit tests for LH. LH is the luteinizing hormone that rises in the body when the egg is about to be released. This continuous testing of the LH before the egg is released is needed to recognize a surge in the hormone. The ovulation prediction kit is created to test positive when a surge above normal range is detected. The hormone spikes BEFORE the egg is released, which is why the kit can make conception more likely. When the hormone spikes and the test result is positive, that day is the day to have intercourse.

Is There a Chance the Test Will Be Positive and I Won't Conceive?

Yes, there is a chance that an ovulation prediction test will test positive and ovulation will not be occurring. There have been instances of false positive results. On the other hand, just because a woman is ovulating does not mean conception will occur. According to research, 60% of all pregnancies are self aborted by the female body due to chromosomal or other problems during the earliest stages of growth. Most women never know they are pregnant. Their next menstrual cycle may be a day or two late, or seem to be a bit heavier than the preceding month.

The ovulation prediction kit can also test a false negative. Most of the time, the negative test result will be due to the test being performed incorrectly. Before starting the ovulation prediction kit, it is important for the woman to read all of the instructions for the kit. Following these instructions to the letter will improve the chances of the test performing accurately.

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