Having a family is part luck and part planning; for some couples, it’s the planning part that is the most difficult. You know you want to have more than one child, but you have no idea how close together or far apart you should plan your children. As if the planning process wasn’t hard enough, actually conceiving based upon a planned pregnancy is not always easy. If there is one thing certain about conception it’s that you can’t rush things. If there are no medical conditions stopping you from getting pregnant, things will happen, but maybe not with the exact pregnancy spacing you wanted.

What are the researchers saying?

Science has something to say about the ideal pregnancy spacing. According to medical professionals and experts, the ideal pregnancy spacing is between two and three years – but that is just a recommendation. Not all parents want to wait that long and other parents are more interested in watching one child grow up with dedicated eyes before adding a second child to the household. Pregnancy spacing is a personal choice, so research is not the end-all when it comes to the final decision.

What factors should be taken into consideration before having another baby?

You have one or more children in the family already, but you’ve been contemplating adding another family member. What should you think about before taking the jump into parenthood again?

  1. Finances: Do you have the money to raise another child? While many parents believe they shouldn’t use money as a reason to decide, it is costly to have an infant and if diapers, formula and the additional expense of a new family addition would place too much pressure on family finances, it may be better to wait a while longer.
  2. Health Considerations: Did you just give birth to an infant? Are you currently being treated for any medical conditions that could impact a growing fetus? There are health considerations that should be discussed with your gynecologist, obstetrician or family doctor before making the final decision to have another baby.

If you just gave birth to an infant, you may need to wait a few months for your body to recover from the previous pregnancy before getting pregnant again. However, some women get pregnant just a month after giving birth and have no complications – all women and all bodies are different.

If you are thinking about pregnancy spacing, remember that the final decision is between you and your partner.