Despite the relative success and safety of the birth control pill, there are still negative rumors about the harmful side effects of taking the pill. As with so many medical issues, sometimes it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. This can be especially distressing when deciding whether the birth control pill may be a good option for your teen daughter. There are many common myths involving teens and the pill. 


Giving my child the pill is the same as telling her she can have sex.


The pill prevents pregnancy and helps regulate menstrual cycles. Many teenage girls are given oral hormones to combat irregular periods with heavy bleeding. The pill will not reduce the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, so giving your teen birth control is not the same as telling her she can have sex any time she likes.

Generally speaking, if a teen girl is thinking about having sex, she can gain access to condoms over the counter at any convenience store. Allowing a teen to buy a soda at the same convenience store is not giving her permission to have sex any more than the pill.

There are plenty of myths circulating about the pill, but most are completely unfounded and untrue. Talk with your prescribing physician about the risks and benefits of taking the pill, including short-term use, long-term use and taking a break from the pill.

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