Should I Go Off The Pill and Give My Body a Rest

Is it safe to take birth control pills for an extended period of time?

There is no medical evidence that you have to give your body a rest from birth control pills. Birth control delivers the same hormones to the body already present during normal fertility cycles. The birth control pill works by increasing progesterone, estrogen, or both in order to prevent ovulation. Women have successfully taken birth control for decades without impairment of fertility.

Lifestyle and birth control

If your lifestyle changes, you may need to change birth control pills or stop taking them all together to prevent side effects or maintain protection. For instance, smoking can increase the likelihood of blood clots when taking birth control, so if you start smoking talk with your physician about possible side effects. Certain prescription medications also interfere with the effectiveness of birth control, so talk with the prescribing physician about the fact that you’re taking birth control before starting any new medications.

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