The birth control pill has been around for decades and is a solid choice for women who do not want to get pregnant. It has been around for decades and provided a safe means of birth control yet women continue to hear negative rumors about possible side effects of taking the pill. Weight gain is one of the biggest concerns when taking the pill ... but is it warranted or is it just a myth?


I am going to gain weight on the birth control pill.


Birth control pills contain no calories and do not increase hunger or cause weight gain. Some women experience slight changes in water retention, which can result in one or two additional pounds on the scale, but water retention is not weight gain. Women who gain more than 10 pounds while taking the pill need to talk with their doctor as an underlying hormonal problem could be to blame.

There are plenty of myths circulating about the pill, but most are completely unfounded and untrue. Talk with your prescribing physician about the risks and benefits of taking the pill, including short-term use, long-term use and taking a break from the pill.

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