The birth control pill has been around for decades and despite clinical study and assurance from doctors and medical professionals, women continue to hear negative rumors about possible side effects of taking the pill. Many women believe they must come off the birth control pill for a period of time in order to stay healthy or avoid harmful effects, but is this a myth or is it based in fact?


I’ll need to take a break from the pill every once in a while.


There is no reason to take a break from the pill. During the first three months taking the pill, there are possible mild side effects like break-through bleeding. After those three months, most women find that taking the pill is smooth sailing with no side effects.

Stopping the pill, or taking a break, eliminates the constant dose of regulating hormones circulating in the blood. This means you will have to go through the side effects all over again. There are also some experts who believe cycling on and off the pill can cause more harm than maintaining a consistent dose of hormones.

There are plenty of myths circulating about the pill, but most are completely unfounded and untrue. Talk with your prescribing physician about the risks and benefits of taking the pill, including short-term use, long-term use and taking a break from the pill.

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