Pregnancy After Miscarriage

What is a miscarriage?

A miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy usually before 20-24 weeks. A miscarriage is one of the hardest times a family can face. If you’ve had a miscarriage, your feeling of loss is great, and rightfully so. Miscarriages, or spontaneous abortions, only happen in 10%-25% of pregnancies. Their cause can be attributed to a number of things, such as maternal health problems, maternal trauma, improper implantation, unhealthy lifestyle, and maternal age. Whatever the cause, they are always unexpected and heartbreaking. Most happen within the first trimester, so the excitement and preparations quickly come to an end as the family begins to grieve.

When can I get pregnant after a miscarriage?

Many women that have suffered a miscarriage wonder if and when their bodies might be ready to try again. Luckily, one previous miscarriage has no effect on a future pregnancy as long as the cause for the miscarriage was not a health problem. As long as there are no underlying health problems, experts recommend that you’ll be physically ready within the next month,, though emotionally it may take longer.

Your chances of having another miscarriage after your first are the same as if you never had a miscarriage before. About 85% of women in the situation go on to have a successful pregnancy. Your second pregnancy might be emotionally trying and bittersweet because it will bring up memories of the past. However, you should request that your doctor monitors your pregnancy extra carefully to expel any added fears you might have.

Having a healthy baby and successful pregnancy after a miscarriage is entirely possible as long as you feel emotionally and physically ready. If you feel as though you’re struggling with the emotions, either during your second attempt or after your first miscarriage, talk to your health care provider about support groups and specialists that can help you. Many women have gone through it, so there’s no reason that you should bear the burden alone.

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