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Why would I get diarrhea before labor?

As your body gets ready for giving birth, muscles loosen in the entire body, and this includes the muscles that regulate bowel movements. Before this time, you may have experienced constipation due to a slowing down of the digestive process, but that can reverse on a moment’s notice. Some doctors believe that diarrhea occurs because it empties the bowels, making room for the baby to move through the birth canal.

Diarrhea is common at the end of a pregnancy, and though the act of going to the bathroom over and over again may be a pain, you usually have nothing to worry about. If pre-labor diarrhea is associated with cramping or contractions, it could mean the baby is about to make its way into the world. Active labor is commonly associated with diarrhea.

What should I do to treat it?

Diarrhea inevitably pulls more water out of the body. As water reserves are depleted, you can become dehydrated which can lead to contractions and false labor. Drinking water is essential for the health of you and your baby when diarrhea occurs. Eating light meals and staying close to the bathroom are the best choices for pre-labor diarrhea.