embryonic genetic testingThe future of embryo testing may include complete genetic profiles aiming to predict the possibility of contracting or developing genetic diseases. Researchers from Masstricht University in The Netherlands held an expert panel discussion on the implications and possible limitations of comprehensive embryo testing.

No matter how current physicians feel about genetic testing, medical science is advancing rapidly in this category. Soon, complete genetic sequencing will be available on an embryonic level leaving doctors with questions of ethics and genetic variances. Currently, genetic variances are not fully understood. While more information about genetic variance is being understood every year, there is the possibility that whole-genome sequencing will be available before genetic variances are fully understood.

Conclusion: Experts agree that embryonic genetic testing will be a crucial part of embryo selection in the future, but the consensus remains that further studies are needed into various aspects of the field, including parental interest in embryo genome sequencing.

Source: Hens K, Dondorp WJ, Geraedts JP, de Wert GM. Comprehensive embryo testing. Experts' opinions regarding future directions: an expert panel study on comprehensive embryo testing. Hum Reprod. 2013 Feb 15.