Currently, intrathoracic KCI injections are commonly used for pregnancy reduction in multifetal pregnancies. Researchers from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Peking University published a study in the journal Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy regarding the effectiveness of intracranial KCI injection as an alternative to intrathoracic KCI injection.

The study included data collected from 40 patients with multifetal pregnancy. All cases were addressed between 12 and 18 weeks gestation. The participants were split into two groups – Group A (16 cases) and Group B (24 cases). Group A received intracranial KCI injection and group B received intrathoracic KCI injection.

All results were generally the same between the two groups with no return heartbeat and similar gestational age at birth and miscarriage rates. Intracranial KCI injection is just as effective as intrathoracic KCI injection, but the intracranial procedure is easier.

Source: Li R, Yang R, Chen X, Yang S, Ma C, Liu P, Qiao J. Intracranial KCl Injection - An Alternative Method for Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction in the Early Second Trimester. Fetal Diagn Ther. 2013 Apr 4.