Complications occur more often in infants born small for gestational age (SGA). Some complications require minimal medical intervention, while others could be cause for extreme concern. Researchers out of the Department of Pediatrics in Washington, DC recently published a study on the connection between SGA birth and kidney function.

The study involved 20 infants born small for gestational age (active group) and 20 infants born at an average weight (control group). Renal (kidney) function was tested in both the active and control groups. Researchers only compared infants of the same gender and actual gestational age.

Infants born SGA measured higher serum creatinine levels at birth and up to 48 hours after birth. The active group also measured less urine output than the control group.

Conclusion: High serum creatinine and low urine output are both indicators of renal impairment. SGA infants may be at increased risk of impaired renal function. Medical care must reflect this consideration.

Source: Davies J, El-Dib M, Massaro A, Aly H. Renal Function Is Impaired in Small for Gestational Age Premature Infants. J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med. 2012 Oct 4.

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