Across England, teen pregnancy cases continue to rise despite money being allotted for teen pregnancy education. Research notes that the rate of teen pregnancies were 40.9 per 1,000 teens in 2006. The word "teens" is used for girls between the ages of 15 and 17. In 2007, that number rose to 41.9 per 1,000 teens. In order to educate teen girls on the threat of teen pregnancy, the Department of Health set aside £26.8 million.

The money allotment was reviewed in 2009 with a survey of the PCT (Primary Care Trusts) who were to supposed to receive the money administered by Brook, fpa and Terrence Higgins Trust. Only 20 of the 30 PCTs responded to the contact and of those, nearly ½ received no money for contraceptive and educational services or only very little of the money promised was delivered and used for teen education.

The chief executive of fpa, Julie Bentley stated, "Contraception services are an essential, not a luxury. It's a tragedy that new money may not have got to them." The fpa Trust is a leading sexual health charity philanthropist in the United Kingdom. The trust aims to provide information about sexual health and sexual choices.

Source: Terrence Higgins Trust - September 2009

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